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"Full Circle is the heart and soul of making amazing products that are not only beautiful, but empower artisans around the globe who make the interlayers that go into those products. Full Circle represents a better way to do business."

Talley Goodson, CEO 3form

Meaningful Design & Human Connection

During a visit to Nepal following the recent earthquakes, we saw an opportunity to work with artisans to create unique interlayers using repurposed materials from their rebuilding efforts. What began as a search for amazing materials has become a connection between design and artisans from around the world.

Close-up of stripping wood
Artisans stripping wood
Artisan sorting wood strips for kathali
Artisan sorting wood strips for kathali


Kathali, the Nepalese word for wooden, is a tribute to the post-earthquake rebuilding efforts utilizing wood, an abundant resource in Nepal. Villagers trim and smooth raw pine beams with hand planers to prepare them for construction.

Wood strips selected for kathali

The process leaves piles of aromatic shavings that are then collected, shaped, and painted by local artisans.

Kathali panel in an office space
Artisan holding wooden dowels for Lina
Artisan dipping dowels in paint for lina
Artisan laying out the painted lina dowels to dry


Kokhana, Nepal was one of the hardest hit areas during the 2015 earthquakes. The rural Himalayan village near Kathmandu is home to artisans skilled in working with bamboo. Close collaboration with our Nepali partners led us to develop a new style of cut bamboo dowels.

Artisans stacking dowels for lina

Lina, which means stick in Nepalese, is a pattern of dowels that are hand painted and bundled by local artisans and sent to our team in the US for final arrangement.

Lina panel in a bright nature themed room

At 3form we believe meaningful design can better serve the community and promote craftsmanship while respecting the environments where we work and live. Full Circle is an embodiment of these social, environmental, and economic transformations and is at the core of 3form's mission.

full circle

A Better Way

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