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Spring 2018 New Products

Open plan work spaces introduce both acoustic and visual distractions. We have solutions.

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Fall 2017: Ceilings

Learn more about our award-winning Clario design and new ceiling solutions. Interior Design awarded Clario Best of Year for acoustical wall and ceiling applications.

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Fall 2017: Textures

With inspiration ranging from crumpled paper to blocks of wood,
our new Textures evoke personalities from subtle to bold.

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3form Greenweek

For one week our entire company focuses on our sustainability initiatives
through a choice of activities like working to build a xeriscape garden,
exploring electric vehicles, and learning how to eat more sustainably.
Join us!

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Spring 2017: Acoustics

Our beautiful solutions, including our new Seeyond system, using Acoustic Felt
will inspire you to create a more peaceful and inviting environment.

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Spring 2017: New Materials

Our product lineup this spring showcases our commitment to innovation and creativity.
From authentic rust to deconstructed textiles, these products meet the environmental
and performance qualities designers seek today.

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Fall 2016 New Products

This collection of products highlight our deep commitment to handmade,
quality materials from our Full Circle designs to the newest
Wood Frame hardware.

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250 colors. One system.

The 3form Color Portfolio offers the most comprehensive
assortment of translucent colors for design applications.

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Spring 2016 New Products

The following new products give you the tools to create intriguing and unique looks. These offerings have been thoughtfully designed to answer the current demand for adaptable, modern building materials.

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Hello Painterly

Hang your own masterpiece

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We Love Metallics!

A modern take on classic luxury

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Optical Woods

Our next generation of Woods
achieve optical movement

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Wall Systems with Depth

Pour in some depth and dimensionality
with BoxWall or CladWall

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Studio by 3form

Spring 2015

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